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I am a communicator and a technologist. I have had some excellent success with technology, and have demonstrated strong technology skills. The segment of my career at Ark Electronics was quite impressive. I started as a Radio technician and earned promotions that took me to Service Manager. My success in many sales and customer service roles make obvious the strong communication with and understanding of others. This client service aspect of my personality is tremendous in combination with my technical and mechanical abilities. I enjoy working directly with customers; providing technical information; understanding new highly technical computer systems; and employing advanced electronic devices. And this is great service, indeed! Most people do not have the talent that I have, in this area. Most people cannot manage their technical equipment and rely on people like me to provide services to keep their valuable equipment performing.
My career has always emphasized my leadership talent. My rise at Ark to Service Manager was a beginning sign of the strength of my ability to take ownership and lead. I sold computers, trained service technicians, repaired two-way radios, installed mobile video systems, through all this work, I demonstrated my initiative, took charge, took ownership, and earned recognition and promotion. At Wal-Mart, I earned recognition for my leadership in service to others. I became “Credit Card Champion” and became a trainer to other associates. Another strong manifestation of my leadership is demonstrated in the many leadership activities and committee chairmanships I took on with the Elks leading to my title of Exalted Ruler in 1995-96 and later as Lodge Trustee.
My education has been a strong component of my success. I have earned professional certificates for my knowledge and expertise with Unix Programming and Network Management. It is clear that I enjoy programming, and have been in technology for a good portion of my career, I have the confidence and analytical strength that I have developed through the various expressions of this natural ability.
But perhaps my most valuable strength is my flexibility. I have done a great variety of very different things in my career. I have been technician, trainer, installer, programmer, salesperson, advisor, consultant, chairperson, student, investor, writer and more! I have been able to create so many situations to make use of my very diverse talents. It is time for me to take another step and to find a new way to express myself. I am thinking toward the realm of technology because of my natural talent in this arena of the world of work. And I want to lead others, to maximize the effectiveness of the help I can provide to, and through others, where my talents might be put to work. I am so much more powerful in person than I am on paper!

Alfred J. Haines

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